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Punto 3 is an Italian environmental consultancy company with specific competencies in projects aimed to sustainable development principles.

Punto 3 has gained a deep knowledge on dynamics and contexts of sustainability in the event industry, both in Italy and abroad. Punto 3 has many years of experience supporting event organizers going toward principles of sustainability, especially, to assist promoters, organizers, suppliers and locations complying with international standard ISO 20121 and Eventi Sostenibili ICEA® voluntary eco-label.

Punto 3 is, also, involved in European research projects about event sustainability and is committed to creating a community around those issues and has produced several guidelines for the sustainability organization of events. Punto 3 realized the first Italian e-book on Sustainable Event Organization. 

Today Punto 3 offers a range of services in this sector, which consist in:

Supporting for ISO 20121 certification 

We support organizations in the implementation of sustainable event management system (SEMS) and throughout the process of certification according ISO 20121.

ISO 20121 is the international standard for the certification of sustainable event management system. The certification ensures, at international level, that an event or a subject involved in the event meets sustainable principles.

Promoters, organizers, suppliers of goods and services and event venues (fairs, conference center, public concerts, theaters, etc.) can certify its management system according to ISO 20121. The Olympic Committee of London 2012 was the first organization that certified its organizational sustainability.

Punto 3 was the first Italian company accredited as a consultant for the implementation of Sustainable Event Management Systems in accordance with ISO 20121. Punto 3 has two internal accredited auditors for ISO 20121 by BSI Group Italy.


Eventi Sostenibili® ICEA certification

Punto 3 assesses and certifies the sustainability of an event.

Eventi Sostenibili® ICEA is a voluntary certification, released by Punto 3, which may be issued to any type of event, meeting, concert, exhibition, exhibition stand, festival, etc.

The event can be certified and receives the logo if it exceeds a minimum threshold of sustainability, which is calculated using the Sustainable Event Screening® software (SES). SES is a tool that allows to analyze the sustainability along the event life cycle. 

In addition SES identifies critical issues, strengths and potential improvement aspects. For more information please consult our specific presentation.


Supporting for the sustainable events organization

Punto 3 support is aimed at improving the performance of the event from an environmental, ethical and social point of view. The visibility of the event is increased in line with the mission of the promoter and meeting the expectations of key stakeholders.

The approach of Punto 3 is oriented to all aspects of the event: from design to dismantling, in order to reduce the "environmental footprint" associated with the entire life cycle and to increase the benefits and positive impacts on participants, location and local community.

Through an initial assessment of the degree of sustainability of all activities related to the event (organizing phase, equipment, catering, mobility, accommodation and dismantling), we identify strengths, critical points and suggest sustainable alternatives: actions, technologies and suppliers of goods and services.


Training and workshop

Punto 3 realizes specific trainings on sustainable events. The courses are dedicated to everyone work in the MICE field: event organizers, suppliers, locations and, in general, to all those who wish to achieve a sustainable event.

Punto 3  has many years of experience in the field of education, including the “400 ore GPP” projects (, and now offers specific courses in the events field.

Punto 3 realizes training courses to all actors in the MICE sector focused on planning sustainable event according to ISO 20121 and on communication tools, digital and social marketing.

Punto 3 also realizes training courses for associations, companies and public institutions, among others: ARPA Sicilia, the municipalities of Bologna, Firenze, Modena, Padova, Udine; Basilicata region; Umbria region, UISP.


Research and development

Punto 3 supports and conducts research and development relating to the world of events, from the development of specific disciplinary to analysis of the performance and the contexts associated with the event location. 

Punto 3 supported Sviluppumbria and the city of Perugia in the ZEN research project (Zero-Impact Event Cultural Heritage Network) financed by the European Union through the Interreg channel. IVC. In particular Punto 3 realized different research activities, including the analysis of sustainability on three major events hosted by the historic center of Perugia in Umbria Jazz, Eurochocolate and International Festival of Perugia. The results of the study were presented at the University of East London (project partners ZEN and coordinator of this research phase).

Punto 3 also supported the Province of Rimini and Ervet Emilia-Romagna as part of "Zero Waste Adriatic net for events and festivals," IPA Adriatic project, cross-border cooperation Programme of the European Union, created with the aim of creating a network "Zero Waste" of events and festivals to low environmental impact, particularly in creating a useful platform as a tool for assessing the sustainability of the events.



Staff curricular skills 

Dr. Cesare Buffone, partner of Punto 3 and manager of sustainable events sector since 2013. In 2008 he graduated in Environmental Sciences at Bologna University with a degree thesis on sustainable events: a study aimed to test the application of Environmental Management System at big cultural and entertainment events (link web). In 2009 Cesare received an annual research grant, delivered by Spinner Consortium, for the innovation and development of the Italian Eventi Sostenibili® standard, released by Punto 3. Cesare is an energy auditor for buildings performance and internal auditor for ISO 20121 (accredited in 2011, before for BS8901 and then ISO 20121) by British Standard Institution. Cesare implemented several SEMS according to ISO 20121 for: organizers, events and event’s suppliers. He supported the sustainable organization of different type of events (fair and exhibitions, exhibition stands, festival, meeting, sport events, etc.), for public bodies and private companies in Italy and abroad (UAE, BR, UE). He collaborated in European researches, like ZEN project and Zero Waste project. He published several guidelines for sustainable event organization and is involved in training both for public entities and for companies, associations and universities.


Dr. Filippo Lenzerini, partner and director of Step 3. He has a degree in Geological Sciences and specialized in Integrated Environmental Management with the Master of the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia. He realized the Sustainable Socio-Economic Development Plan for the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano-National Park, for which he edited for several years marketing strategies, sustainable tourism and start-up project. He has a long and consolidated experience in participatory processes. He conceived and coordinated environmental education projects mainly addressed to adults and to particular categories of citizens. He contributed to the creation of the Eventi Sostenibili® certification standard. It 'was the consultant for National UISP (italian sport union) for the environmental analysis of “Vivicittà”. He is co-author of the book "Sport and the environment. A sustainable relationship" published by Meridiana.


Dr. Andrea Malduca collaborates with Punto 3 since 2011. He has a degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Bologna with a degree thesis on the development of an environmental certification for the catering and restaurant industry. He collaborates with Punto 3 in the audit sector, in particular in the field of environmental certifications. He is internal auditor accredited for ISO 20121 since 2011 (then BS8901): according to the principles of this standard, he implemented management systems for different organizations throughout the country. He collaborated with the Region of Emilia-Romagna within the European project Ecorutour: in this project he made the environmental analysis of the tourism facilities in the region. He developed the calculation of the Ecological Footprint of “Val di Sole” (Valley in Trentino Alto Adige region) through the method of the Global Footprint Network, of which Punto 3 is a partner.


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